The Kiltman Exchange

Friends, brothers in legs, Kiltmen - welcome to the Kiltman Exchange.

Do you have a kilt that no longer fits? Or simply looking to exchange up?

Kiltman has been known to give a $50 credit for a kilt you no longer wear. We hate to hear of a kilt not being used. We happen to have a kilt refurbishing service. You get $50 off the purchase of a Pubkilt or Streetkilt. Everyone wins, a good deal all around.

$50 is the standard credit, unless you send us something that’s really in poor shape. That wouldn’t be cool. I’d have to knock it down to a $25 credit or something. Or if it’s a real nice dress kilt you got married in, and now the woman’s gone and the kilt has bad memories attached to it, exchange for our exceptional Pubkilt or Streetkilt, and we’ll give you the best credit we can, up to a hundred bucks.

So if you’ve got a kilt circumstance like any of the above, or whatever it is, hit me up. Send in a picture before you mail it in if you’d like a preliminary quote.  

Text - (816)977-5762 or email -

Once we receive the kilt for exchange, we’ll assess its condition, make sure it matches any picture that was sent ahead of time, and then send you the coupon code for your new kilt.

The Kiltman Exchange
404 Main St.
Suite B
Weston, MO 64098