Q: How do I know what my size is? 
A: Check the sizing chart located here. 

Q: What is the difference between a Pubkilt and a Streetkilt. 
A: There are a few differences. First of all, the Streetkilt only comes in black. The Pubkilt comes in multiple colors.
Second, the major difference is the fabric. The Pubkilt is a canvas-like material, an all-cotton, duck cloth weave, similar to a Cardhardtt jacket, very sturdy and heavy-duty. The Streetkilt is a softer material, with a significantly lighter weight, made out of a poly-cotton blend with a twill weave. 
Finally, the buttons and the detailing of the kilts are a bit different. Both have slash pockets and back pockets. 

Q: Do you have different drop lengths? 
A: Yes, our standard drop length is 23 inches, but we also try to keep a 21.5 inch and 24.5 inch stocked. For most people 5"9' to 6"1', a 23 inch drop will work. If you wear it up higher or lower, or you are taller or shorter than that, you may consider a different drop length. If your drop is not in stock and you need a 21.5 in drop, you can order a 23 inch and have it shortened.